Why You Should Let Your Special Needs Child Compete In The Special Olympics

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People sometimes have mixed feelings about their children competing in the Special Olympics. They wonder if putting such a child in a setting designed to have them compete is a good thing. Well, here are several reasons why you should let your special needs child compete in the Special Olympics.
It’s Fun
There are many reasons why you should let your child compete in the Special Olympics but the easiest reason to understand is that its fun. Children love being with friends and making news ones while getting to train for various events. This is why so many children, both intellectually disabled and not, participate in sports. It is fun to feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. Long before the actual competition of the Special Olympics, your child just gets to exercise and play.
Working Toward Goals
It’s fun to spend time with other people working toward the same goals and it is enjoyable to work toward goals and to see just how much you can accomplish when you work for it. This is an excellent lesson for any child to learn. As they put in the time and the practice they get better and better with using their physical skills and in time may be able to do things physically that they never thought possible.
Competing in the Special Olympics can give your child much better self-esteem. As was just discussed, working toward goals shows children with intellectual disabilities that they can accomplish goals if they focus and work toward those goals. This builds confidence. There are many challenges in life and especially children with special needs have to realize that sometimes limitations are only there so that you can exceed them.
Physical Fitness
All of this physical activity leads to a better level of physical fitness and better health. You should remember that the health benefits of such an endeavor will benefit your children in that they may develop a love of exercise that will serve them throughout their lives. People who exercise are healthier than those who don’t so giving your children the opportunity to exercise and to feel these benefits will keep them in good stead for a long time.
A Place Where Difference Are Accepted
The Special Olympics is one place where differences are accepted. It does not matter what your child’s physical abilities are from the start. There are different categories and events that will allow your child to find a place to fit in. They will learn that everyone has different abilities and this is okay. It is just the way life is. They will learn to use their own abilities to their utmost.
There are many reasons why you should let your child compete in the Special Olympics. This event allows children to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Give your child the chance to show you, the world, and themselves exactly how much they can do when they commit to achieving all they can.
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