Guidance on Choosing Rugs

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Instinctively, we would be inclined to buy a rug just for the immediacy of sensation that gives us at first sight. A purchase based on these impulses, however, could not be completely appropriate, if the carpet – although beautiful in itself – does not fit the location we want to give him or is not good quality or if it has a style contrasts with that of the furniture of our house or our office.

Above all, we must decide where to buy the carpet, choosing among the different styles offered. For example, Persian rugs specialists, Caucasus, India, but also shops selling carpets and modern trend, wearing a careful design and the scenic impact that may arise. Once the store is chosen, it is to consider the destination of the carpet.

Buy a carpet means being aware of the atmosphere where we want to put it: the spaces, colors of walls and furniture, style furniture, the light in the room and many other elements that may help us to prefer one product over another.

Let us consider, for example, color. We must not allow ourselves to attract only the colors that we love in the absolute, thereby ignoring the context of our carpets, but we must see inside the room, imagining the ground.

Only thus can we understand exactly where his tone can best adapt to their surroundings. Environment faint, give effect to a darkening carpet to dark colors. The latter, even if it is marvelous in its substance, may penalize the room, while the same dark carpet, exposed within a room large and luminous, becomes the focal point and attract the gaze giving the whole a very decided tone and stylish.

A red carpet on a clay soil that turns red will tend to get lost and disappear, while a belt will clear the strength of illumination, making the color of the clay brightest to the eye and making a positive contrast. Some people matching the carpet to furniture, by looking at the colors something that recalls the cabinet or table or library, for the sake of detail and research, but this is not enough to choose.

Indeed, we must always have a vision about the kind of atmosphere we want to create: either a room with pastel tones and soft drinks, or opt for a more risky option of pitting squarely strong colors and violent.

Each individual should decide, though recall that every desired atmosphere depends on several criteria. Buy his carpet means acquiring some design for living with passion.