Efficient Alternative for Your Lighting Device

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We hear more and more talk for some time. I must say that this seems an interesting system since it helps bring light in your home without installing a lamp or larger windows. And as the light is important for our well-being, these skylights seem to be a promising future. The effectiveness of these wells is more to prove. They have proven themselves in Australia and the United States.

But what in fact is a skylight?
It is a process that can pick up light from the outside with a shaft made of an aluminum tube with small mirrors arranged in a specific way. Usually placed on the roof of the house or even in front (with a flashing which guarantees the sealing of the facility), the light is captured by a sensor and progresses gradually through the mirrors until the room light (in its center, for example) within which it is diffused through a diffuser or dome.

Their main advantage is that they can be installed in all buildings and anywhere: no need to illuminate the room directly under the roof. A dark room immediately find the light through the wells. The light comes to you regardless of the layout of your home.
The installation seems simple enough (a few hours are enough) but if you’re not a great handyman, it is better to hire a specialist to avoid the risk of flooding if you drill your roof without treating the tightness of the installation. You do not need to change your frame and request a building permit or apply for work.

There are several types of skylights. The choice is most efficient. According to experts, it is preferable to choose the sensor and diffuser are made of acrylic (99% of light passes) more efficient and more resistant than polycarbonate (only 70% of light pass).
Afterwards, according to documents and to clarify the use you want to do, the aluminum tubes are long and of different diameter. As an example, a tube 25 cm in diameter can illuminate a room of 10 m². Not to mislead you in your choices, get advice from a manufacturer.

For skylights can add accessories such as shutters to do more to bring light, fans to circulate air along the light of the lamps at nightfall, your Item not found completely in the dark.

As for cost, skylights are affordable but still a bit expensive. You can find from 650 euros up to 19,000 euros. The installation by a specialist will cost about 200 euros.

However, as they make you save electricity, they appear to be profitable within a few years. Their ecological side is not neglected either. And icing on the cake, is it not better to be in a room lit by natural light rather than artificial light?

Small flat, the skylights will never replace our good old windows but they are very efficient at places where you can not precisely install windows. In addition, if the sun does not shine too much outside, scattered light in your room using the well will be smaller, obviously. This is the same principle as for windows.

So instead of installing lights everywhere, use skylights greener and more concerned with your well-being.