Organic Mattress in Your Bedroom, Whats the Catch?

May 27, 2009 by
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Maybe you already know that bed bugs reside in your mattress, and these animals can origin difficulties for you and your family. The mattress that you are dozing on likely has been treated with chemicals for blaze retardants that will make your bed blaze resistant. this is just some of the things that you will find in a normal bed.

Organic mattress are free from chemical stuff. They are not treated with the chemicals to be blaze resistant, rather than by utilising wool, it becomes blaze resistant without the toxic chemicals. They are made with organic natural fibers that will even help you doze better.

There is less possibility of moisture being in wool beds. Wool is a large barricade to moisture that other accepted mattresses do not have. Conventional mattresses will have some moisture in the fibers which can origin mold over a time span of time that can be hurtful to you.

Lower probability of allergic reactions: Organic cotton fabric and natural rubber latex is all natural and don’t comprise hurtful toxins that will be unsafe to your family. With the latex you bypass dirt mites, which can origin things like asthma attacks and other allergic reactions.

Safer for babies: Babies should be dozing on organic mattresses while their immune schemes are developing. This stops them from soaking up the toxins from a normal mattress and initating them allergies and other illnesses. They are likely currently dozing in sleepers that are treated with chemicals from being blaze retardant, why reveal them to more toxic chemicals with the mattress.


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