Choosing Mezzanine Bed or Bed Tray to Use

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If your bedroom is very large then it must be very functional and it is especially not the clutter. But how? You do not really know how to arrange your small room? The best choice is there a bed or loft bed with drawers? Choosing not to regret afterwards? What are the merits of these two types of beds? This section provides you with the answers.

Lit Mezzanine:

Everything depends on what you intend to make this bed.
Normally, you need at least a place for you to sit on the bed without banging your head when you wake up and good access when you go to bed without having to crawl. So you see, but you’ll have more space and better.
A loft bed is very practical level up and you will win much on the surface. However, it should use the space below, otherwise it is useless. Below, we construct an office (mind your head!), A wardrobe, a small sofa, or even put a small sink or a washing machine.

I’ll make a suggestion: under the bed, you can install a large “plate” office that is integrated to the bedposts with a board above the desk to ask the computer screen. That way, you win a large space to work: The board office is 3 / 4 the length of the bed so 1m50 length 80cm deep. Below, you can still drawers (one left and one right) and under each drawer storage.

Also under the bed and right of the desktop, you can also make closet space for clothes.
As for the bed itself is not too much a problem climbing the ladder. The only problem is that there is no height limit, which is even more embarrassing evening when you’re not alone …

If the loft bed is for a child, it will be a good choice because he can play here. Children love having a cabin. And in general, you’ll still have room for shelves or racks.

Bed Tray:

In a bed with drawers, space under the bed is occupied by large storage drawers. It’s also a good solution when you need it maximizes space.

Beds with drawers can be made with combinations of drawers on one side or both sides of the bed, and doors (where you can store clothing, toys for your children or other things …)

Beds with drawers are available in several colors.
If you are looking for a bed to create extra storage space in the room (easy to pull and push) the bed tray is for you!


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